The 7 Stages of Purging

The 7 Stages of Purging

We've had a plan all along. We bought Tiamat with cruising in mind. We have been working through our list to get ready to go cruising. We had a 5 year plan. We bought the boat in 2018, which puts our crusing time frame in the year 2023. But plans change! We just couldn't wait any longer. We were trying our hardest to make Summer 2022 work for us. And it's happening! But what about our things? Our house? What are we going to do? We are renting our house out to some friends. But our stuff? We have PURGED. And we have spent months going through everything! So let me introduce you to what I think are the 7 stages of purging:

7 Stages of Purging

  1. Shock

Do we really need to start now?? No! We have time!! We don’t need to start yet!

2. Denial

Oh, that will totally fit on a boat! No Problem! Ooo of course we need that!! Who cares if it’s huge, we’ll find space! Yes, let’s rent some storage. We’ll want everything when we come back. Are we coming back? I don’t know, but we’ll want it!


What? You think I need to give up what to live on a boat? No, I don’t want to!

4. Bargaining

Well, I’m giving this up? What are you giving up??

5. Depression

The sudden lack of progress due to the anxiety attacks and craziness.

6. Acceptance/ Hope

We’re almost there! We can do it!!

7. Processing

We’ve moved onto the boat!! Dear Lord, I hope it was all worth it :) I guess we’ll see!

So we have no storage rented. We do have a few sentimental items stored at the parents but that's it. No storge locker. I wasn't sure we could do it but we did! We are one step closer to leaving.